By: ShinigamiForever

Adrift on waves of orange soda scent
and music blaring confusion in her ears,
the meaningless garble of conversation
from other passengers
fades into nothing.

Like an apathetic statue in a memorial for marble,
she echoes with alabaster lips what she hears.
With a disregard for passing reality,
She drowns herself in electric guitar tinged sleep.

In dreams, afloat upon a sea of movement,
in her plastic lifeboat,
She holds out her hand to catch
a rust covered world.
Bruising fingers that press chrome 'play' buttons
roughly brushes away the dust.
And she watches the flecks sink to the bottom
of the illusionary body of water.

Shards of glass rise until
they reflect the fractured world.
She is carried higher and higher
into an intoxicated dreamscape.
The escaping cherubs sport plastic harps
and play an oft-repeated tune.

As she wakes she hears the dying concert,
even with the lead singer of some nameless band
shouting hoarse confessions in her ear.
The sky above her
turns a whiter shade of pale.

The moment is forgetten
in a tidal wave of consciousness.
She returns to her haven of music,
a world teertering on a razor thin edge of ignorance and bliss.

A/N: So, where did this come from actually? A road trip with my family and my friend's family. I was boring her CDs. She likes alternative music.