I wrote this after getting out of a program, SAFE (Self Abuse Finally Ends). I wrote it cuz I’m FINALLY rid of cutting for good, I’m positive I’m never gonna go back to it so I wrote this poem to self-injury and called it goodbye because I’m done with it for good. :0)


Don’t assume you know me, you don’t,

And don’t think I’ll be your slave cuz I won’t.

I will not give in to your begging or pleas,

I’m strong now and I will not fall to my knees.

You can’t control me, no never again,

I’m not the weak person that I was back then.

You said I would give it, that I wasn’t strong,

But look who is weak now, I proved you wrong.

You’re just a soft whisper now, barely aware,

In the back of my mind, now you’re not even there.

I’m claiming my life back, now I’m in control,

I’ve finally cleansed you all out of my soul.