Written in about ten minutes today, when I was pissed off at the looks I kept getting from the townies in my area.


Why do you stare when I walk down the street?
Am I not the kinda person you'd like to meet?
I'm not a psycho junkie
Or your average modern crook
Just because I'm not the same as you.

I'm not the kinda person to start a fight
Taking over, telling you what's right
So shut your mouth
And leave me alone
So I can get on with being me

Dare to be different, cos that's the way I wanna be
Do what I want and stand up for being me

I don't wanna have to play your game
The one where everybody's the same
I have my own life and
I play by my rules
Cos I don't wanna be the same as you

(repeat chorus x3)