GS Note: Something that I wrote for a school writers club. It's just quick but it seemed good while I wrote it so enjoy. This is the first story I've posted by myself on this name.

Again and Again

It was quite funny, actually. Not in haha funny but more like the funny where you laugh because there is nothing else to do. What would you do in my place? It was laugh or cry or scream or something. Now that I think about it, I might as well, scream that it. So I did.

It was one loud, long wail that shattered the eerie silence filling the alley. After I finished I turned my head and coughed. That was pointless. I looked back. It was kind of funny. Wait, I already said that. His body was crumpled on the ground. He must be dead, I can't ever remember seeing someone with a neck at that angle. There was the blood factor too, the pool under his ear. The dampening silence settled over me again. Yes, that scream had been pointless. It was probably lost on the sound of the highway anyway. I should probably leave. If someone did show up, there where would I be?

Here I was, standing over a dead guy that I didn't even know, too shocked to even check to see if he was really dead. For all I know he's double-jointed and just fell asleep after cutting his hand. I could just be overreacting. Yea. I should turn around and let the guy sleep.

Awe hell, how was I kidding? He was dead and still warm. His blood was still running for heavens sake! I should leave before some came along. Wait a minute, some already had come along! That was me! I was supposed to call the police right? Go and call the police like the good little civilian. Why was I so worried about being hauled down to the police station anyway? I didn't have blood on my hands-

Wait a minute. I did. My hands outstretched without my accord. I looked down unwillingly to the red soaked hands. Why- When? Could I create an excuse?

A naturally human reaction. First was how the fuck did I get my hands bloody? Then, how do I cover it up? I giggled then clamped my jaw shut. Now was no time for hysterics It was dark. No one was around. I could wash my hands clean of this, literally and metaphorically, and just forget about this. I looked back at the concrete ground. Awe fuck. I still wasn't fooling anyone. Well, at least I could wash my hand, literally I mean.

I walked away a short distance and washed my hands in a small depression on the ground. The gritty water got most of the blood off but it still stained my fingernails. I spit on my hands and scraped the last of the blood off. I tilted my head at the body lying on the ground.

It was mesmerising really. Just laying there, eyes blankly staring at nothing, hair tousled. If he had been alive he would have been fairly handsome. With standing and moved closer on my hands and knees. I paused right before the puddle of red around his head. It was easy to see just how his life had ended. First off was the piece of spine poking through the skin at the base of his skull. Obviously broke, Then of course there was the puddle of blood under his head. Most of it came from the hole in his spine, I took biology, I knew the main arteries were there. They were probably slashed. Plus the face his throat was laid bare for the world to see.

It fascinated me. It would have scared me if I had been thinking straight but right now all I felt was a giddiness. I touched the wet liquid and looked at my fingertips. I smiled and chuckled. I don't know how long I dipped my hands in but a while later I stopped as my rational sense hit me. It was past midnight. I was in an alley with a dead body, my hands were covered on blood again and I still hadn't called anyone, My parents would be worried.

I scrubbed my hands clean again. The pool was tinted with red, even I could see that in the deep darkness. I wiped my hands dry on my jeans and stood up. This time I resisted the urge to touch the body again. I turned and walked down the alley and disappeared into the shadows. I felt a weird sense of déjà vu as I rounded the corner. First thing was first, I had to call-

I walked into the alley when I was frozen on the spot. There was a body lying on the ground. His head was turned at an odd angle. a wave of confusion washed over me, I felt this had already happened. It was like….

It was quite funny, actually. Not in haha funny but more like the funny where you laugh because there is nothing else to do.