A cold unrequited love is all I have
Unshed tears are burning my eyes
And more are building up in a heart
So in need of sharing my love
Countless ways that I could embrace
Any feelings returned to me
But unshed tears of longing
Are all that I am left embracing
In a place so harsh, that I am forced...
To count the romances
That have only happened in my mind
The fantasy ones where I'm not left behind
Where I'm not a second thought
And someone, really is, all mine
A place where destiny really occurs
And that person really is
Just around the next corner
And everything was planned out
In a way that makes me believe
Everything will be ok
And that love has a purpose
Other than to fuel this sorrow
And to keep these silent tears coming
I need to believe
That there is someone who will see
What the rest of the world is missing
And that they will take me in there arms
And make everything all better.