1937--Road To Jackson, MS (11)

Well, damn
This may or may not
Be a Road--ah,
This Summer illustrates
In dying Circumstance

~ 20 miles, sir,
To Jackson ~

What the Fate
Crypting of Nations and
Well, this--
Road. The designs
Of moss and the
Shadow of Pines

~ Take that turn, sir,
Right ~

Like this, ah,
Simply. Deeds and
Grants and Gains.
We lost it Then.
We lost it Then.
Now--to expect--

~ Few more miles, sir,
Few More ~

Look! This dust is
Not simply Summer
Nor lack of Rain but
What we did lose,
And so--
Wandering. Ah--

~ You'll see a sign, sir...
Ignore it ~

How many--?
Damn it, but years
Cease to Mean after
Signings and Finality
Here. Jackson or not.
As far as Richmond.

~ Can't help you there,
Sir ~

No, simply...what way--
Matters Not

~ Well, then...~