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Dirty Apple

Oh, I was quite the ingenue,
possessed by awkward caresses
and a stuffed inspiration for life,
dependant on a troublesome god.

I wanted to silence the critics
and create my own world, one
where golden rules were nonexistant
and guns were still killers.

My objectivity was under siege
by misleading whispers of praise,
and along you came, wondering
about the hangnails of humanity.

You were the reigning trivia king,
answering everything tossed at you,
and when you smiled my way,
even the devil was dazzled.

But they say that the road to Hell
is paved with good intentions,
and your kindness was merely the
earthly manifestation of Dorian Gray's ghost.

Your anthropophobia spread,
and I was infected with your pain.
Peerless in my paranoia,
I ran away from your blind religion.

But I turned back one last time
to catch my last glimpse of uncertainty
on your pale, unearthly face, then
severed those persistant connections

With a mark of all due respect -
that immortal, mocking goodbye,
and as those tragedies often go,
I was swept away and never seen again.

You were my little brown-haired nymph,
unseasoned with life's ire -
another Mona Lisa,
beautiful -
of the Renaissance
angels, reincarnated in you,
all subtle thoughts and velvet edges.

Blindfolded to every single secret
that life had to offer us,
you regarded stars
with fears of
poisoned your youth,
dampening your propensity
for talk, affection, and then love.

I saw you slowly pass through
to that parody of life,
harmonizing with
dissention and
For the rest of
this dark eternity,
you wandered aimlessly,
and I never saw your face again.

The face of truth never presented
itself to me after you left,
preferring to stay
with the lonely
And, me?
I'm still waiting
for my sojourn in Eden
and searching for the meaning of life.

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