Summery: One gay duck and his quest for true feathered love.

All characters belong to me, I'll leave you use them if you e-mail me ([email protected]) and ask.

Notes: This isn't really my fault. Blame my dear friend Mary who challenged me while we were watching the ducks in a local pond one day.


Al wasn't a happy duck. He lived in a large pond in a park and he got fed often but he felt there was something lacking in his life. He looked around. He had friends, food, water, a nice place to live- what could he be missing?

As he swam through the cool water he noticed Mort, another duck, swimming after Belinda, the local pond slut. And all of a sudden Al had a revelation. Sex. That's what his life was missing. He looked at Belinda. She fluffed up her wings in a flirty gesture but Al didn't feel anything for her. But along swam Mort and he wagged his tail feathers. Al's beak fell open in wonder. Here was a duck that could warm his feathers on cold winter nights! Excited Al swam over to Mort and "accidentally" brushed against him. But to Al's dismay Mort seemed more interest din Belinda that him. Even though he was upset Al continued to follow them , hoping for a moment or two alone with Mort.

Soon enough his wish was granted. Just as Mort and Belinda were snuggling up, a child threw some bread into the other side of their pond and Belinda abandoned Mort for it. Mort looked heartbroken. Al swam up to him.

"Quack quack?" (Are you alright?)

Mort nodded his feathery head.

"Quack quack quaacck?" (Do you want to make baby ducks with me?)

"Quack!" Mort responded. (Hell yes.)

Just as they were going to leave the pond Belinda came flying back and stuck her as in the air as usual.

"Quaccck?" (Are we going to or not?)

Mort put a wing possessively over Al's.

"Quuack." (No.)

And to Al's delight Mort and he swam off to a new life together.


Al and Mort realised after a couple of tried that two drakes does not equal baby ducks. But they didn't really care once they had each other.

Belinda got the duck form of male bald pattern syndrome and died.

The end