Southern Meanings And Cardinals And All

The glossing of April
In the trees, newly-white
Back-years, all the Same
Fading royal-hued Night
And the play of Opinions
All heading Out--
Heat-dazzled off pavement
Of a road, heading South

And once, there were symbols
Ah, but still it is the same
Of birds and men, and battles
They simply cannot change
A shafting red, a delicate white
The blossoms drifting down
Years back of a discovery
The naming of a Town

Tho' the map may be tightly drawn
In a narrowed sort of scope
Less miles left to travel
And a touch of lighter loads
But all old recollections
Still may hold certain truths
That shadow of a bird-song
A Spring sky, then, and blue

Where once in mountains dappled
There could be part of something, spread
The Cities built, the men who dreamt
And where this new road led
But wondering and realization
They always watch on time
The newness of a participant
For once, to coincide

And believing that the cardinal perches
Plain simply to be seen
The after-feeling of a storm
The rain, and in between
Summer heat on the Rise
Tidewater, Delta, as such
Learning; that maybe the first time
It was there, quite as such

A city awaiting
On pre-plotted falls
The Potomac envisioning
That wish: overall
In marble and bronze
The structures ensue
A particular reverence
That always is due

Adding to images
Already explained
But what meanings were present
Still, thru'-out, remain
The paths of the Armies
And political thought
The divisions of regions
And just what was crossed

And look now, a Cardinal
To explain observations
That condense some Old Title
Without having taken
You lose it at First
But it still may be Found
In a single white Blossom...
A road, heading South