Hey everyone, it's me! This is my original little thing about my own creation, Elrokins! Okay, so it's really a lot like Digimon, but there's really nothing new under the sun, right? I mean, it's REALLY a lot like Digimon (which I don't own-I figured I'd better say that), but it's also got that unique Jenashu twist! Wouldn't it be really cool if people made fanfics about my characters? Then they'd have to write a disclaimer to me! That would be cool! While I'm dreaming, I'd like two more kittens...Anyway, I wrote the first two chapters about a year ago, so bear with me here. I promise the next chapters will be much more interesting. I really hope you guys like this...So enjoy, and don't be disgusted if it's just TOO much like Digimon!

Into the Light

Jen spread her arms and inhaled deeply. "Ahhh, it's a beautiful day!" she said. Indeed, the sky was forget-me-not blue, and not a single cloud was in sight.

"Hey, watch it! You almost hit me in the face!" Taejin said with a frown.

"That's because you're so short." Gold teased.

"C'mon, leave him alone, Gold." Jenashu Zircona (a.k.a. Jen) said. The sunlight reflected off her glasses as she lifted her gaze skyward once again. She felt perfectly cool in her yellow vest and red kick skirt. She pulled the sleeves of her white tee shirt that was covered by her vest, then adjusted her yellow knee socks. She kicked a stone with her white-and-red sneakers and watched it bounce on the pavement. Her braid swung around her shoulder as she loosened her pink choker, witch was beginning to do just that; choke her. She had eyes and hair of brown. Jen pulled her green-and-yellow bookbag onto her shoulders and absentmindedly gazed at Taejin as they walked along.

Taejin looked up and met Jen's gaze. He smiled and looked down. Is he blushing? Jen wondered.

Taejin Rehoushi only came up to Jen's waist. But sometimes dynamite comes in small packages. Sometimes. Taejin wasn't strong or athletic, but he made up for it in smarts. He wore a green tee shirt streaked with purple, and brown shorts and gloves. His hair was brown and bushy, and his eyes were bright green. Suddenly he felt someone step on the back of his green tennies. It was, of course, Gold.

"Sorry, Taejin." she said. "No, honestly!" she added, correctly inturpreting Taejin's glare. That seemed to be enough for him, though, seeing as how he nodded and looked down again.

Gold Yamata ran a hand through her navy-tinted, shoulder length hair and sighed. She wore a green, sleeve-less shirt, brown gloves, and blue jeans. She had black-and-blue tennis shoes on almost all the time. Her eyes were obsidian black. Gold heard someone running towards the trio, and she turned to look.

"Hi guys, sorry I'm late!" Lauren Tiani said. She stopped a moment to catch her breath. "But you see, my sister.....well, you know the rest." She wore a bright blue tank top, pants, shoes, and backpack, each with yellow stars printed on them. She had brown hair that brushed against her neck, near-sighted brown eyes with glasses, and sky blue gloves. She wasn't much taller than Taejin.

"So....", Lauren said, "what exactly are we doing again?". She had missed the explaination while she was searching for her favorite shirt (the one she was wearing), which she had finally found in her little sister's room.

"We're going to explore the giant cave everyone's been talking about!" Jen said, obviously excited.

"Annnnndddd", Gold started, holding her hands up and speaking in a frightening tone, "there have been reports of strange happenings in there."

"But they've all been about crazy lights." Taejin added. "Doesn't sound very intimidating to me, but it does make me curious..."

"Everything makes you curious! Now let's go!" Gold said, getting jittery.

So after a bit of a hike, the group stood outside of the cave. "Why don't you go first?" Gold asked of Jen.

"Ahhhh, don't tell me you're afraid of the spooky cave!" Taejin said with a smile. He finally had a chance to give Gold hers!

"Well, you're a Girl Scout, right Jen? Don't they have a badge for this?" Gold asked.

Lauren gave Jen an encouraging smile and an even more so encouraging push towards the cave. Jen took the hint and walked in. She fished a piece of fabric out from her pocket and ripped it, then bent down and tied it to a nearby stalagmite. "I'll do this throughout the cave, so we'll know how to get back out." Jen explained as everyone stepped into the cave. Water dripped from the ceiling, and the children's footsteps echoed off the cave walls.

After awhile, Taejin noticed a faint blue light. He grabbed Jen's arm and pointed towards the part of the cave from which it came. Jen nodded and led the group there.

It was almost like a whole new room. "This isn't natural...." Taejin said, leaning next to a shaft of light.

"No kidding....it's almost like a pool, don't you think?" Gold asked, noting the circular shape that the blue light emerged from. She reached her hand out to touch the light, but Taejin grabbed her wrist.

"Are you crazy? We don't have any idea what will happen if one of us puts our hand in there! It could be nasty." he said with a frown. He opened his mouth to continue his lecture, but footsteps shifted his train of thought. "Hmmm?" he asked.

An extremely large boy charged into the area, knocked Gold face forward into the ground, hit Jen in the stomach, and picked Taejin up by the ankle. He made an attempt to harm Lauren, who dodged the blow and kicked the boy's shin. Gold lashed out with a powerful punch of her own that hit the boy squarely in the stomach, forcing him to drop Taejin. But he didn't really drop Taejin, he threw him. Jen ran under him (as if she were cathcing a pop-up in softball practice) and caught him just in time. Taejin looked dazed. Suddenly his wits came to him, and he jumped from Jen's arms, blushing furiously. The boy ran off.

Lauren looked around. "Is everyone alright?" she asked. Gold, who was sporting a bloody nose, shrugged and turned towards Jen.

"Well, I'm still breathing. Taejin?" Jen asked, facing him with concern. "You're all red."

"Uhh, it's from being up-side down." Taejin stammered. "I'll be just fine."

"Suuuuure." Gold said with a sly smile. Taejin stepped on her foot. "Anyway, good job, guys!" Gold added. Each of them held out their right hands in a fist and brought them as close as possible without touching knuckles. Then they lifted their arms at once. "Alright!" Gold said. She loved seeing people get theirs. And no one got away with hurting her friends, nor did she show mercy to anyone who dared give her a bloody nose.

A sudden noise made Jen jump. Four kids were standing in front of the pool of light. Gold glared at them, and watched as one came forward. "Sorry we hurt your little friend." she snarled. Of course, there had been nothing little about him.

"We had nothing to do with him." said the boy who had come forth. "We heard all the noise in here and came to check it out. My name's Terry."

Terry had brunette hair. His bangs were wild, and the rest of his hair went around his head almost like a helmet. It was very original and quite attractive. His eyes were also brown, and they were bright, as if someone had lit a candle inside. He wore blue-and-red shorts and a matching shirt, white gloves, and red shoes. He extended his hand to Lauren, who took it awkwardly and shook. "My name's Lauren." she told Terry.

"I'm Duro." added another boy. He had spikey blonde hair and electric blue eyes. He wore blue jeans,a dark blue tee shirt, and black gloves. He smiled at Gold. "So, what's you're natural hair color, anyway?" he asked of her.

"You're looking at it." Gold informed him.

"Ack! Call the X Men! We've found the Beast!" Duro said with a sly smile much like Gold's. "What's your name?"

"Gold." she replied, glaring at him. "Why don't you take a long walk off a short pier?"

Taejin covered Gold's mouth at that. He had to stand on tip-toe to reach. A blonde girl giggled. "My name is Rena!" she said, swishing her long blonde hair in a graceful gesture. She wore a red bow in her hair, a white blouse, and a red dress that came to her knees over it. She wore red gloves on her hands and sparklingly white shoes. Her eyes were greyish-blue, and she was quite charming. Taejin got the strong impression that Rena was an air-headed princess type. He hoped he was wrong.

A boy walked up to Jen. "I'm Kyle." he said simply. He had purple hair that got longer from back to front. His eyes were baby blue and warm. He wore a purple bandanna, a long sleeved blue shirt that turned purple on the elbows of the sleeves, blue jeans and shoes, purple gloves, and a silver watch. Jen smiled brightly and took Kyle's hand, as she always did in greeting.

"My name's Jenashu, but just call me Jen!" she informed. Jen just loved meeting new people. Kyle looked quite shocked, and noticed that his hands were sweaty inside his gloves when Jen let go. Suddenly she looked back, straight into the light. She turned around and jumped in before anyone could stop her. Everyone stood rooted to their spots for a moment.

Taejin was the first to react. "We've got to see what happend to her!" he said. Gold and Lauren nodded, but Taejin had already jumped in. They followed suit.

"I can't miss out on this!" Terry said. He jumped in and was immediantly followed by Kyle.

"You guys are crazy!" Duro said with a smile. He pulled Rena and himself in. Now the cave was empty, and the light dissapeared.