I wrote this in 15 minutes, 47 seconds. Not bad, eh? I honestly have no idea what it's supposed to be about, but I'm sure some of you will find some sort of deeper meaning...you always do. Anyway, please enjoy and don't forget to review! ~EG


Roll me down bittersweet lane,
where wooden memories go up in flames,
and fairy touches go straight to the brain.
I'm hoping to get some satisfaction
from destroying the demons of my past,
but the frayed and tortured hags won't leave.

And so I'm stuck in this nebula
with the swirls of bruises long gone
and the corpses of all the aborted children.
They dance and chant,
they describe their toys -
the ones they never received from would-be parents.

Friendship has no meaning to me now,
just an emphasis on how bland the world really is.
They sewed my mouth up with ribbon! -
Bright red so Hades could recognize me from afar
and quickly claim me for himself -
his personal geisha, the underworld's first lady.

My lips bled when he ripped my heart out,
finger stumps raw with no nails -
no, they've all been used up to seal his coffin.
And I'm an infant widow,
drowning in the river Lethe,
waiting for a trinity of jaws to save me.

But Cereberus was on sick leave,
and only the ferryman heard my gurgled plead.
I was rich in his fares,
and spent my days dancing on Orpheus's grave,
playing his lyre and serenading Persephone,
for she was the original goddess of Death.

Now I walk back up the neglected road,
the weeds stuck together with acid rain,
melting, fusing, with the rest of the world
praying that they'll get their act together
before the day of reckoning arrived to damn us,
and when it does, I can be the tour guide.

Really random. I don't know...I think it's sort of Plathian (a la Sylvia Plath). What do you think?