Hi everyone! (yet again!)

Wow! Yet another season of Element has been completed. While I can hardly believe that the longest and probably most informative season (plus that one I've worked on hardest) is over, you know what that means: time for Season4!

What's Season4 all about, you ask? Well, here's a quick rundown:

For starters, this season is one of the short ones. It will only contain fourteen episodes, and the latter half of the season is mostly a big prep for the final season, Season5. However, in that short time, we see a lot of change.

The Warriors are now tenth-graders, and in their first year of high school. The average age of the main Warriors is fifteen. Of course, Kakeru is a year older and Shirena a year younger. Kisho and Kikoa are not in this season, and neither is Scout. However, Nami is in this season, but not a major character. She has started school and is now nine years old.

The villains in this season are different than usual. Different from the first two seasons in that they are not looking for souls, and different from the third season in that one of the villains is actually another Warrior. He is Meiro, the Space Warrior, and he fights the Element Warriors with his brother, Ja'aku.

Another thing to crowd into this season is a brand new powerup. There will be new transformations and new powers, as well as a new addition to the uniforms: wings.

Plus, the four female Warriors (Shirena, Moeru, Jurei, and Talia) form a band called the Forces, so I get to show off my song-writing skills (or maybe lack of). I hope that is something else to look forward to.

And guess what else it's time for? That's right: another MOVIE. This one is actually called "Stolen Heart" and will take place somewhere in the fourth season. There may be some spoilers, but I will have to see how far along I am with the series.

Expect the new season on January 25, 2003. I chose this date because it will be the second anniversary of Element the series. I hope we will be around for many more anniversaries.

Ja ne!

Sept. Rose