Angel Boy ~ or ~ Hope On An Alabama Roadway

The Angel-Eyed road child
Copper-colored, dusty drawn
And tho', with quiet protesting
Quickly comes the Dawn
Blinding-white in Devil-Lines
And wandering down the hills
The air a water-ton of weight
And the Summer lying still

O restless Son, choir-boy
The Alabama Sky
Losing color in the heat of Hell
The roadways, glaring white
Dust of tragic nation-cries
And one boy, Angel Blue
The cotton-fields on either side
The Omnipresences, too

Subtler wandering, roads and all
The golden-Heaven gleam
On an Angel-whisper rambling
Thru' the angry Southern heat
And the shade of marshes, Georgian white
The house along the way
Purple-hued and hazy-drawn
The fading of the Day

And all summed up
The Summer rain
His Angel-eyes
And where he has been
Hopes and dusty dreaming
A certain measure of pried
That boy, those towns, those cotton fields
And the Trees that gently line

And of the Boy, who he may be
His past and all that seems
But mirage-water playing tricks
In a Southern-montage dream
So pasts are shrugged and futures wished
They wander down and thru'
This Angel-boy, those along
The sky, once, reflecting Blue

To meet the Devil, eyes up, proud
The Angel-Hope and then
That wandering spirit, somewhere buried
Deep within the poorest men
And sharp-dealings avarice
Angel-boy to see and Run
Bravely on that cotton-road
The blazing Hell-Gate sun

The South may fall but yet once more
Where else: his copper eyes
The heat in history in breath
As the summer moon may rise
And the Devil sobs at fallen Night
And a fair-haired Angel child
The roads of cottoned Alabama
The swampy Delta wilds.