Days passed and even weeks passed. It was already the third week. Eriol and Madeline both watched over Jesline. She didn't starve herself like what other people would usually do. “I’m worried about her, Eriol. I wish there was something we could do", Madeline said. Eriol hugged his wife and tucked her hair behind her ear. "I guess the only thing we could do is pray for Lee", Eriol said. Madeline looks at Jesline from the window. Jesline was staring blankly at the unconscious Lee. Mrs. Evans appeared and both Madeline and Eriol left. Mrs. Evans knocked the door. "Come in", Jesline said. Mrs. Evans walked in and motioned Jesline out of the room. "We need to talk", Mrs. Evans said. Jesline grabbed her jacket and left with Mrs. Evans. They went to a coffee house downtown. "Jesline, I came here to talk to you about my son", Mrs. Evans started. Jesline had her full attention to her. "There was no way for me to break the 'will' and regardless of that, I don't want to lose my son either", she said. She sighed and continued. "Jesline, I'm asking you to leave him right after he wakes up". Jesline was confused. Why would she ask me to do that? she thought. She didn't understand but she didn't disagree to it either. "I give you my word that I will leave him as soon as he wakes up", Jesline said. Mrs. Evans thanked her for her kindness. Although she didn't want to give in to the promise, she had to do so because it was the right thing.

Jesline spent most of her time beside Lee. He was still unconscious. A miracle happened on New Year's Eve. It was just a few minutes before the New Year and his fingers twitched. Jesline felt it and called the doctors. Slowly, he opened his eyes. It met Jesline's eyes. "Jesline", he whispered. Jesline went into his arms and cried her heart out. "I dreamed that I was going to lose you", he said. He kissed her forehead. "Promise me, you'll never leave me again", Lee continued. Jesline felt her heart break. She knew she was going to break that one but she nodded in her tears. Soon, everyone was there. The sight of Mrs. Evans reminded her of the promise that she made. She went to the phone booth and made a call. "I would like to book the first flight out to Hong Kong", she said. "The flight is in two hours time. Is that good?" the person said. "Yes, that will be good", Jesline replied. She couldn't risk the chance of him coming to look for her. She went back to Lee and told him that she'll come to see him tomorrow but in actual fact, she was leaving the country.

"She's gone", Madeline said. She was looking for Jesline all London. Eriol also joined the search. It was the day that Lee would be discharged and Jesline did not make an appearance at all. "I checked at the airport, they said that Jesline Parker had already left the country", Eriol said. They both looked at each other blankly. Lee was sad and he was heartbroken. She broke her promise. "Tell Mr. Wallace that I'll marry his daughter", Lee announced. Mrs. Evans did as Lee wanted. The wedding was plain and simple. It was a small one that only close friends and family attend. Little that Lee knows, Elizabeth had a plan. 24 hours after the wedding, she filed a divorce towards Lee with a condition that she gets no money from him at all. As she wanted, they were divorced the next day. After that, Lee had no more things to hold him back from Jesline. If only he could find her. When they asked the airport to reveal news, the authorities would not tell them because it was private and Jesline made sure they didn’t tell. “It’s as though she doesn’t want to be found at allâ€