I remember the bluish tinge of the salt flats

Their mountain rimmed edges, stringing off to nowhere

And hardly nothing else, on the white expanse of land

But a neon casino town, one that hurt your eyes, and an ill used road

My car traveling down it, wheels turning on the dark macadam

Sending vibrations, up and into the windows, that shook in a pattern

I remember rolling the window half- down, it's plexiglass front blue-cold

And scratching with my fingernails at the frost written all over it, like spiders print

And I tried to improve my view point, onto the stretch of gleaming white nothing

So I could see just a small bit further back up the half-shining road

So I could just find a small glimpse, of the dark gray pass, that led to Salt Lake City.

I remember leaning back for a moment in the leather car seats

Placing my arms behind my neck, and cracking my knuckles, once

A stupid smile written across my face, and reflecting into the rear view mirror

And with every part of me uplifted into the cloudless blue sky

I moved with a flying ecstasy, like the seagulls that wheeled overhead.

The sand colored truck turned down a curve, it's wheels still beating against the cement

And I lulled to one side with it, my eyes still fixed resolutely on the road ahead

As it moved and shimmered in the half-snowed light of the morning

And the flats let me watch the curvature of the earth, moving with the road

I placed my face to one side of the seat, up next to the leather,and inhaled the diamond air

I was going home

To the place I'd never really left.