Incense: A Haiku Story

They say his last words
Brought his enemies to tears.
Engraved in the air:

"Men fight and men die.
Perhaps it was preordained,
A spool of long thread.

Men act out their fate.
Men tremble on a war stage.
Men bleed their tears dry.

No greater honor
Than to die a warrior
And stick by beliefs.

No greater sadness
Than to walk this earth no more,
Forsaken by life.

Honor is like wind
Strong at first, but bittersweet.
Fleeting and empty.

My sons, remember
War is but a tool for man
Like honor, it leaves.

These tears, they are warm
For both enemies and friends.
United, we fall."

As I read his grave,
Where his body lies beneath,
It is I who cry.

A/N: Inspired by the Chinese heroes of old. Reviews please?