Glory Road And Diner Politics

"Glory Road and Diner

He said and lit a cigarette.
It was Georgia
And seventy-two years past
And Somewhere, Someone remembered.
Tho'...just out of Philadelphia,
Atlantic City--

The Old Men lined
Corner Booths and Remembered
Someone carried a Flag

And where once a Break is
Opened divisions breed. The Diners.
Who knew gunpowder wore white?

He grabbed his hat.

The diners, then, and the
Gravestone dealers
And the family plots
Politics start it and end it and
Echo when it has not ended at all
Nor will it ever.

A poor-made traveler
Sings on the wooden front
Steps. A few coins, and his
Eyes smile thru' song.

"Glory road and diner politics."

Seventy-two years past and a law
Of Basic Nature dictates Someone
Will always be around to remember. Which
Is why it will never end. Departing lessons.
Even then, when it mattered and there
Were words to accept it.

He passes a faded sign.
A barred flag waves.

Diner politics, it will
Never be over, damnit,
He flicks out his cigarette

Once kept.
Once kept.

And therein lies the definition. Ah. Diner politics is what it may come down to, but wars are fought all the time and they Never End. No.