Atlanta Burned Last Year...Around May

Once in May ~
Something like Atlanta
And mention the once
Now, the children in their
It makes one stop and think ~

You--to differentiate,
Perhaps, and what
Everyone since Faulkner
Seeks to proclaim--

It is always on the road Home.

And to wonder whether or
Not he took into account
The sky, the tilt of the
World in a certain Favor

~ Men weep in their
deepest sleep...what
little adjustments
had been made. Had to have been.
Ah, and therein ~

It showed clearly,
Harsh in how true it
Is ~ and had been ~
Once Atlanta
Burned once
Atlanta burned
And in this Last May
There was a column
Of smoke from down by
The fish markets and Harbors,

Once Atlanta burned once

Atlanta...only too far pats, and

~ We watched from the road ~

and remembered. As is.
As is.