Umm...Please don't steal any of this, it was my original idea . I know that the title is the same as one of my websites, but hey, I like the name! This is a rough draft, so I apologize ahead of time for any mistakes in Grammar, Spelling, etc.

The morning came quickly, yanking out of reach the dreams from the night before. But she knew they were still there. The people, the place, the feelings. Even if no one else could share that wonderment she got while asleep, at least she would have it in the back of her head. Her sanctuary when the rest of the world wouldn't leave her alone.

Rusty from not moving for eight hours during the night, the girl oozed out of her bed and onto the cold floor. She rose to her feet and stummbled over to her window, pulling back the curtains and squinting at the morning sunlight.

A cat struted into the bedroom, holding it's head and tail up high. It caught the eyes of the girl and started it's alarm of meowing. The cat wanted to be fed, or petted. Either form of attention would do, just as long as for a few minutes someone would have their mind on the cat.

The girl lowered herself to the ground again and gentlely stroked the cat. It walked a few steps, turned around and walked back brushing it's cheeks against her knees.

Michael, one of the many students of this mansion, stood at the doorway, about to knock on the door frame to get the girl's attention.

"What?" She questioned.

"Just came to get my cat..." He replied while entering her room.

The girl stood back up from off the floor and straightened her hair a little, "Oh. Do you know what we are going to do today?"

Michael shrugged while patting his cat on the head, causing it run away, "I think we're supposed to go to a Zoo or something else cheesy like that."

"I see."


"Because I don't feel like doing much today." The girl started walking towards the bathroom in her bedroom.

Michael chuckled, "You never feel like doing much. You do know that there are rumors you're depressed going around...Don't you, Isabel?"

The girl, Isabel, shrugged, "Let them think what they want too. Maybe I've just been doing too much thinking lately."

"Thinking about what?" Michael sat himself down on her unmade bed.

Isabel pulled a hairbrush from off her bathroom counter and started pulling it through her hair, "I don't know, why we are here maybe? What we can do to actually achieve something in life...That sort of thing."

"The things that often times leave you with an empty feeling, yeah, I know."

"Then why did you ask?"

"Just to see if there was something that I didn't know about you."

Isabel smiled weakily and playfully squirted him with body spray. The two had been friends since elementary school. When he was unpopular and often times played by himself, and while her friends had been absent from class. They had more of a hidden relationship, one that not too many knew about...It was just easier to pretend not to know each other then to try and get along with all the stares.

The school they attended had maybe fifty students maximum. So when boys and girls started hanging out with each other, rumors made themselves known and bad things came from that...It was horrible what this school did to itself.

They had lived at the boarding school all of their lives. No one would tell them if their parents were alive, or anything about a life beyond the walls of this tenebrous mansion. As far as the students were conserned, this is what real life was. You had classmates who could be your siblings, teachers who could be your parents, and you were homeschooled your whole life until they decided to set you free. But often times when you are allowed to leave, you didn't want too. That's why they were able to have so many teachers on such a low budget. The teachers were once students, and the principle was once a teacher, and so on. The school's history was pretty cloudy to most people, but some suspected that this kind of system started in the early 1900's and just didn't become widely popular.

Either way, there are plenty of fictional stories made up about how this boarding school really was made and why it still is functional. It's impossible not to know at least five of the tales by heart when you've lived here for only a month.

And this is the story of someone who wanted more.