a neon sign flashing electric blue
By: ShinigamiForever

A/N: I have a new poet to look up to. She's Newkirk's Heroes, and she's hosted on ff.net, so everyone go check her out. She's a lot better than I am. *winks*

In this city,
I feel like I am drowning
a million eddies
of lights glitter sound color
and at night, like vampires, they
come alive to drain away our life blood
and I think maybe next time
I'll find some pillow encased country side
to waste away my life

But I love this city
even as I am being pulled further downwards
I love its quicksand consistency and the way
it pulls at my ankles
every time I try to leave
the dry cardboard buildings
and the litter leaves scattered at your feet

The phone rings in my room
but I let it echo until
the sound magnifies and spreads its tendrils
touches the sound of the cars
the mindless ever moving conversation of people
and in this city
no one has their own personality

And sometimes
when I cannot sleep because some prowling cat of a nightmare
is curled up on my chest
and the distant humming exhaust from the cars
is seeping through the broken air conditioning
I watch instead the lights
in this city
the city that is blinking all green and orange and yellow and blue
and I let the ricocheting sound of degradation
drag me down into sleep

To sleep and dream about
a valley of neon signs blinking furiously and empty bullet pierced cars.

A/N: Just don't ask where this came from. I don't know either.