A hollow wood slab and six wire strings

May not sound like much by themselves, you may think,

But put all together, it's a beautiful thing

When the music takes flight like a bird on the wing.

It drops from the edge of a precipice sheer

To clutch at your heart while it oozes with fear

Your soul will be lifted to dance in the sky

As it lifts you up higher with its eagle cry

Your soul will be drawn by its beautiful bait

While it castrates your mind with its furious hate

But the saddening note will make you shed a tear

When the strength of it pierces your heart with its spear

And sometimes its presence is there all the while,

Just there in the background – just there for your smile.

Oh, feelings like these on your mind can leave scars

So, friend, as you listen, just take this to heart –

It's only




Author's Notes: If you couldn't already tell, this is about the powerful draw music has on every person alive and how it can take control of your life if you're not careful.

I'd love some reviews – let me know what you think about the poem, and the subject as well:)