Conspiracy at 3 in the Morning
By: ShinigamiForever

A/N: I've always loved 3 AM. Poets always go on and on about how dark and dreary it is, but truthfully, I love that time of the morning. So here goes a little poem that probably botches that sentiment.

The night is sanguine in its red gray,
stars are wiped out by electricity in the horizon
little pinpoints that show you the highways are still alive
at night
Well, no one cares about the streets anyway
all roads, pavements, everyone hates the scent of asphalt
The way it pulls you into its blackness
always hated the way it stung my nose
Like the pre-crying phase.
part III, act IV, the open highway.

The plaster on my ceiling is starting to flake away
and it drifts in huge pieces down
petals of a wilting dawn flower who has never seen sunlight
Consciousness steals into my dream
like a flower gatherer and butterfly catcher
with her adorned wicker basket and pulls
the petals off of my blanketed face to store away
Mounted in little plastic cases.
I leave the meadow of walls that close in
and exit through the mirror to where my reflection scorns me.

There's a story carved into the water stain on the white wall
but no one has bothered translating
the language of disuse into disposable happiness
I think that if I look hard enough
I can see the pixels in my reality.
time stretches itself and takes a yawn
having caught its 40 winks in the little escape marked Prozac.
And as dawn starts to pry apart the skys with bloody fingernails
I wake up to find that I am still
an empty vessel chasing a ship into the distance.

Morning brings such a feeling of regret
for the night passed in sleepless misery
stretch hands out to touch the forgotten dream
splash stale water to wash away the touch of Morpheus
and you pause to let real time catch up with you.
I lock away dreams in the box with a broken padlock.
my insomnia wanders around the room with a sleepwalker's tread.

I watched as the sun rose that morning into a cloudless sky.

A/N: Woa. Lack of way too much sleep there. Reviews, anyone? I promise I am sane now.