Jeril: Yello people. I'm an okay poet.

Bob: She's a good poet!

Jeril: Some of them I write when angry, some when sad, other on just plain normal days. Remember, these are angst so some maybe disturbing. If you don't like angst, leave. If there's a word/s by the name i.e. "I'm Nothing (Zoning)" it's just an alternate name for the poem. By the name will be a number for warning, if I feel that the poems are either extremely depressing, bad language, or anything else. There will be either a 1,2, or 3 by it for level. L = Language, D = Death, S = Suicide, D/A = Drugs and/or Alcohol, M = Mutilation. I used to have notes on this page but since some people never read this page, I moved them to the end of each poem. Feel free to review though don't feel like you need to.

Bob: Review or I will stalk you!

Jeril: *hits Bob with a shovel* Tanx for reading my poems!

*Jeril Dragonsoul (and Bob the Fallen Angel)

One by one, the Penguins steal my sanity…

It takes all kind to create a Universe, but who said its gonna be stable?!?