Standing In Vicksburg, MS, And Discussing the 3rd Revolution

There is a stillness here.
Whether endings or beginnings
Or in-between

--Wonder, still--

Well, if it is April


And all, still Rising still Rising
It can only be Dusk for so long
Look ~~
Someone lifts a pen
And announces within, this
Stillness, within

~ It is April ~

Ah, yes, and choose the place
For this Third Revolution, an
Altogether different Stillness

~ Fitting the shadows
made intricate memorials

No, that is not quite the
Direction from the Idea, taken00
Once Something blared shining-
Right and the Regimental markings
The Cavalier Truth

~ that was truth then
here the Third Revolution
perhaps, and time
can only ~

No, not here
Ah--that final stillness. We
Lost it. Not again. Once was
Far from enough.

~ So April ~


~ and a final stillness.
Yet to start it. ah,
Then, it will ~

Time. We wander
There. Colliding years, not as
Many as one may come to believe,

~ I understand ~

Once was not enough
And we Lost the Second

~ The Third then ~