"You are a little bit overtaxed."

"Damn!" Jonathan stood in front of his door, now he realized that he has forgotten his keys one time more.

To call the key cutting service was expensive and going to his brother to get the second key was also a bad idea. It was raining and it was cold. By the side Jim was at the office. He was a policeman.

Jonathan decided to break into his own apartment. He had to take the fire escape. Than he can get in through the window of his bath. This little window was always open.

When he had reached the fire escape he saw a young woman who stood there. She seemed to be very frightened. Jonathan stopped and looked at her.

"Miss, everything all right?" he asked.

But there was no sign for a reaction of the woman. Jonathan shook his head and climbed up the fire escape. When he was in his apartment he had to think of the young woman who stood there in the rain. He took the telephone and called the police office, where his brother Jim worked.

"Officer Blake is speaking," said a voice.

"Here's Jonathan, please give me Jim."

Jonathan waited a moment.

"Jonathan, what's up? Why do you call me at the office?"

"Oh, please come with a patrol car to my house. Near the fire escape is a woman. I guess she needs help."

"But has it to be a patrol car?"

"It's really a mysterious situation." Jonathan insisted. He heard a sigh.

"Ok, I'll come and see what's about this mysterious woman."

An hour later Jonathan's telephone rang.

"Jim here! Do you want to make me angry? I've found nobody."

"I'm sure, I've seen her."

"Go to bed, little brother. I guess you are a bit overtaxed."

This night Jonathan could not sleep. Was the woman really an illusion? If not: Did he do the right thing?