State Fair By: Cleo

The fun,
The work,
The nervousness.
Then the line up.
Finally, this is what the practice was for.
In front of the judge, her eyes following your every move.
Then comes the wait…
And the thoughts.
Did I do anything wrong?
What did she think of me?
Did the horse look ok?
Then the announcement
The run back in the arena, and the victory gallop.
The joy comes of getting a first place…
At State Fair.

I can't wait for Illinois Junior State Fair( for horses) this year!! It is so exciting, and the food is great! This year it is also during my b-day!!!!! This is the feeling of being with your friends for seven days in the summer doing what you love, being around horses….anywho, this is what I feel during state fair. The wait to see what you placed is nerve wracking. So is before you get in the arena!! Well, I hope it is good and you like it! I wrote it in five minutes!! R&R!!!