Epiphanies In South Carolina

Two defining moments
In my Life occurred
While passing thru' South Carolina;

Once, a sparrow
Stopped and wind-preened
Cocked attentive gestures
Towards my young self.

Another, it grew into
Orange-faded darkness:
At the time, it never
Came to me that men
Died where I stood that Wars
Were fought and lost
Thru' belief and that I too may embrace this

~ the sweating men
leaning against the
dust Ford ~

And for once the
Music of Southern-bound
Eighteen-wheelers crept into

I understood then that later
I would understand fully.

Perhaps it is best that
Epiphanies come slowly,
Like little birds flocking
'Round a rested truck
and then it mattered not if
a flag was allowed to cast
blue Glory-shadows off a Courthouse

~ And yet maybe it
was and I knew not
enough to
Remember ~

Nor was I enraptured
By the Dance of Politics

Ah, well, perhaps all
For the better I learned
That I was able to
Care in
South Carolina.
Made sense then,
And now--