Lost Star Rated: PG By: Ari-chan

Notes and disclaimers: This is the reformatted version, the old one was messed up, so enjoy!

Here we go.. my first original ever! I wrote this

for English and I must say that I’m rather proud of myself ^^. All characters belong to me. If you like them a lot and would like to use them ask me first. This story has to do with the end of the world (what can I say? My mind is twisted) if that upsets you for any reason go find something else to read.Since I’m a big believer in character names meaning something:

Vega means Falling Star

Ezra means Salvation

Miranda means Admirable (her name actually has nothing to do with the character ^^;)

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Vega lay in an open field, her midnight black hair strewn around her

porcelain face. She stared up at the night sky with bright emerald eyes scanning or any sign of what was to destroy Earth.


“Today, October 1, 2003 a large black hole has been spotted. It is

consuming everything in it’s wake.â€