Five by Five (4-4-02)

I can live these days out
Promise me no end in return
It's just a way to pass the time
I guess I'll never learn
I had every right to listen closely
To anything they tried to tell me
But it almost seemed like happiness
was just something they tried to sell me
Any day could have been worse
Without a reason, I know I'm gone
Feels like everybody just threw a glance at me
And they make these days drag on and on

The only day they couldn't see
I'm falling fast but they won't be there
If I could say those few small words
I know they wouldn't even try to care

How did the days go, in a year when so many chances were lost?
For a time when love was cheap, and yet we didn't pay the cost
We can't afford a spacious love, with empty rooms we have no use for
All I need is this tiny space, and if I want it I'll ask for more
You're so close and way too real, with open pages I can read
But all I wanted was something distant; I hate to say you're not what I need

Fall back, it all fell back on me
One small step and I would have made it
It all would have worked for me
I tried too hard for what I had
It was supposed to work
But what I had wasn't enough
A dream is all it was
All it ever will be
Why do they do this to us?

I wanted someone with an eye for my feelings
Who could look at my past and my mistakes without reeling
But who can survive, all the deceptions and lies,
And still go to sleep at night not staring at the ceiling?

I said
You thought
A little something to remind me
of what I'm not

Drop and fall
Roll away
A few words to remember what I'm
supposed to say

Find a little piece of me
In everything in you
Where I'm not supposed to be
You could be there too

Cry me a river
Five by five
Cross over me
I'm still alive.