Author's Notes] I wrote this for an English assignment. We were to look at a place around us we knew very well through the eyes of something else. I chose a vampire (then a mortal) watching a sunrise in Lamoile Canyon, Nevada.

**Vampire's Last Sunrise**

The last time you see something that means great things to you, it is almost always imprinted in your memory as long as you walk the Earth.

I remember the last sunrise I witnessed, the last rays of red and gold, streaming across the sky. The heat touched my cheek as the light blinded my eyes, spraying over the mountain topes. It was fire season, and the sun filtered through the smoke, magnifying its colors.

The rock I sat upon was smooth, cold from the night chill. Its hardness gave me comfort, a feeling that I would always have something steady to lean upon.

Around the edges grew small tuffs of water grass, a brilliant green. Tiny black spots appeared and disappeared as the water bugs crawled over the strands.

I remember the robin's chirp at that particular dawn, how absolutely alive it sounded. I watched it fly across the sky, in search of morning breakfast, foreshadowing what I was to become.

My eyes wandered to the muddy ground, where a set of my steps had been imprinted, impressed into the time. The mud would harden, the steps would be set for others to see, and the water would come, moisten the ground and the steps would wash away, as I had watched another set do earlier.

The place held stories of others that had been there, who had watched the sun in all its glory.

Did they remember it as I did? Are their minds tormented like mine? To know only memories? Are they damned as I am to have their memories, never able to relive them? Did they know, as they watched, it would be their last?

I didn't know. But I am glad I remember, even if it's torture.