April In Virginia

When the Spring draws in breeze
And in lilac-blooming spread
And something, yet, is celebrated
Where once, beliefs, instead
And the cold-hard-truth in Time presents
No fading of it, still
Left attesting all to Faith
And the strength of Human Will

True Paradise, as it was written
Glimpsed upon and surely, so
As war and declarations all passed thru'
And from it, they may grow
The land of God, if ever sought
Yet here the Day dawned black
And still the winds and quiet Ghosts
Impel us to look back

Whether Gulf-line coasts, Ocean-Front
Still heated, breathing Land
Something yet, where something was
And here, then, it began
So as well it may be April
The blooming, downy fields
There, that truth, once as it was
The beauty--Cavalier

And twice-divided, Lines of fire
Drawn city to city then
And differences cannot be helped
Inside...where born and bred
How many times and how many fallen
Alighting soft and sure
The depth of Pride has yet contained
The hope sought still of War

The Capital City, awake and warm
There, over-hills dawning
Fabled tracts of Fabled men
And a long-awaited morning
Cast perfect flowers, dripping gold
A triumph, yet, among
The blue-lovely shadows found
Between the drape of sun

And inasmuch to relations
Seventeenth-century rebellion and
A history, there, believed and strong
In April, of course, to see it, then
A flag, unfurled, shadow-breathing
Cast again, and yet to say
What happened once in all its sorrow
Can happen again, and well it may

Still breathing, gasping, alive in Spring
Hills to City, an echo, sounding
The white-washed crosses, Time and Age
The Loss was here, and still the Founding
Generals born and fall among
The soft-white predictions set
And here, yes here! O shadowed, maybe
But something still is shinning yet

Blue-Light evening, touching warmth
Spring is drawn and all that was
Etched in memory, kept along
By faint-felt treads, the morning sun
And history among the fallen
April yes! And it still may be
A rising somewhere, small but still
Bright enough to let us see.