Author’s Notes: This is by far, the longest story I have ever written. It took me about 6 months to put it all together, and it’s still being worked on a bit.

Disclaimer: Not sure if I need this here or not, but oh well. All characters are copyright to me, including the Angelons themselves. Psychic- vampires themselves are not copyright me, but their looks are.

Rings of Power

Seven rings forged from timeless fire; To make sure Earth does not expire.

Healing brings the life anew; While Transformation hides what’s true.

Flight will take you to the birds; While Telepathy lets thoughts be heard.

Telekinesis helps along the way; While Teleportation might save the day.

Using Speed you will never tire; While Pyrokinesis will rekindle the fire.

When all magick ceases to be free; Use these rings and blessed be.

Seven people to this task are put; Magick is alive, and the Game is afoot…

Ronin watched from a secluded hillside as the sun slowly sank below the horizon, turning the sky blood-red. Night was fast approaching, and that meant his people would be free to venture out of their homes. A flapping of wings forced his attention to the air as his sister Giselle landed beside him. Her raven-black hair fell in a mass of thick waves to the middle of her back, and her dark-brown eyes were shining with eagerness as she gazed at the darkening sky. Her build was thin, yet Ronin knew she was sturdy enough to pull her own weight with certain things. The short-sleeved, antelope-skin shirt she wore came right to her waist, where a skirt that went to her knees took over. Black-leather boots covered her shins. Their shirts were open in the back to make it easier to move their wings. “Coming to check up on me?â€