Notes: The Character List will be rather long, but hopefully will clear up any confusion (or at least some of it) between the many characters in this story. If you want to know any other details, leave a comment.

Character List for Rings of Power:   Characters introduced so far: 31 and counting

Rings Bearers:

Ronin: Psychic Vampire (Psy-vamp); Ring Bearer of Telepathy and Telekinesis, "leader" of the group and very headstrong; rider of Dak'ion; fights with his father's sword; since the death of his and Giselle's mother, Ronin has become over-protective of Giselle.

Giselle: Psy-vamp; twin sister of Ronin; Ring Bearer of Pyrokinesis; protector of Cerbreo; fights with a staff; was saved from death by illness by her now-dead mother, and the nightmares from that time continue to haunt her; carries her mother's pendant of protection, and blames herself for being a girl and contributing to her mother's death.

Jasmine: Faery; fiancé of Ronin; Ring Bearer of Healing; protector of Sunstreak; stubborn and concerned for Ronin, and all their new friends; blames herself for not being able to heal her parents when they were injured by humans.

Ash: Faery; twin brother of Jasmine; Ring Bearer of Teleportation; friend to Talon; happy teenager who often uses jokes to keep everyone optimistic; both he and Jasmine fight with daggers.

Amarice: Elf; Ring Bearer of Transformation; "owner" of Moonbeam; battles with Moonbeam and her sword; a serious warrior and daughter of the king of her tribe, Amarice does not like people helping her and therefore seeing her as weak.

Niron: Elf; Ring Bearer of Speed; comes from Amarice's clan; love interest of Lysika; vowed to protect Amarice with his life if need be; battles with his speed and arrows; often sticks his foot in his mouth, especially where women are concerned.

Thomas: Gnome; adopted brother to Terrak; Ring Bearer of Flight; friend to S'lon; Quiet and often the pacifist, Thomas will fight when needed; looks up to Terrak, and wishes he was as strong as his "brother".


Moonbeam: Unicorn; was taken in by Amarice's tribe after he was attacked by a group of hunting dogs; took a liking to Amarice, and has vowed to be her mount throughout the quest.

Terrak: Dwarf; adopted by Thomas' family and thinks of the Gnome as his brother. Vowed to accompany his brother on the quest just in case they ran into trouble. Uses an axe and hammer to attack.

Ellia'di: Ice Elemental; she decided to come with the Ring Bearers after helping them out of a snow-covered cave. Can control and create ice to use as she desires, and therefore is cautious around all fire-type creatures.

Serina: Banshee; partner of Borius; can create sound waves for destructive and calming purposes; meets the Ring Bearers when her scream traps them in the ice cave.

Borius: Air Elemental; can create and control air currents to aid him in fights and in more mundane tasks, such as cooling.

Adina: Nymph; has minor control over plants, but rarely uses her powers; pacifist to the extreme, she often hides away when a fight ensues; she and Terrak were past lovers, but that is in the past; Adina worries about Thomas and Terrak, almost like an older sister.

Grysor: Satyr; unlike his fellow satyrs, Grysor tends towards poetry and writing instead of sexual adventures; when he fights, he uses a dagger; he has quite a crush on Adina, but is rather shy in telling her; Grysor goes with the Ring Bearers to record their quest.

Lycius: Centaur; guards the forest surrounding Thomas' village, protecting it from raiding parties; fights with a sword; goes on the quest to protect Thomas.

Tamina: Hind; fiancé of Lycius; master archer; comes along to protect the Ring Bearers and to accompany Lycius.

Durahn: Werewolf; met the Ring Bearers during an attack by demons; mate to Lekana; came from a pack that was decimated by humans, and the remaining members agreed to go separate ways to warn other non-humans.

Lekena: Katral (cat-person); offers her skills to the Ring Bearers; has a soft spot for Giselle, whom she feels a kinship to; fierce and independent in a fight, both she and her mate use teeth and claws as weapons.

Cerbreo: Hellhound; a baby who lost his mother due to humans, Cerbreo was being raised by Dak'ion when the Ring Bearers stumbled into their cave; took a liking to Giselle, and follows her around.

Dak'ion: Dragon; took in Cerbreo in an attempt to raise him away from humans; joins the Ring Bearers when Giselle and Ronin prove to be worthy and compassionate warriors.

Sarka: Fire Elemental; easy-going and playful, Sarka joins the group at the request of her friend Dak'ion; she is able to create and manipulate flames to suit her purposes.

Dren'sor: Phoenix; Sarka's companion, he has the ability to heal himself of most any damage by "dying" and waiting a day to be reborn and healed.

Olana: Water Elemental; after humans attacked the lake and captured some of the inhabitants, Olana and her friends stayed to guard it. A channel off the lake leads to the Temple of the Ancients, and the water-beings know the path well. Olana can control water to suit her needs, but she cannot create it; would die if left on land.

Ula: Mermaid; her family was captured by humans, so Ula stayed with Olana to guard Trillic Lake; she goes on the quest to aid the Ring Bearers, and to se if that will free her family; Ula fights with a metal trident; she can breathe both in and out of the water.

Tel'diom: Hippocamp; companion to Ula, Tel'diom goes where she does and fights alongside her using his powerful tail and front legs. Can breathe air and underwater.

Xel: Angelon; one of the guardians of the Temple of the Ancients, Xel was raised by them after his people were nearly wiped out in a war with the demons; he develops a crush on Giselle, which leads to a few interesting twists.

S'lon: Griffon; caught in a trap set by humans, S'lon is released by Thomas and forms a bond with him; he fights from the air using his beak and claws, and is fiercely protective of Sunstreak.

Sunstreak: Pegasus; caught in a human trap and set free by Jasmine, Sunstreak befriends the Faery; does not like fighting, but battles with her hooves to protect her friends; she and S'lon were attempting to reach the Temple so that they would be protected.

Lysika: Sphinx; Lysika is the voice of reason for the desert-dwellers, keeping tabs on Talon at all times; she meets the Ring Bearers and she and her friends agree to help them first cross the desert, then continue the quest; Lysika develops a crush on Niron, sticking close to him after he is injured; fights with teeth and claws, and can fly.

H'lat: Naga; a powerful warrior and wise scholar, H'lat combines knowledge with power to battle the humans. His tail is his weapon, although he is poisonous if he bites.

Talon: Roc; Talon lost his mother in a storm and was found by Lysika and H'lat; befriends Ash and stays at his side; as large as a car, Talon make an affective weapon against the humans, also using his beak and talons to further make his point; although young, he can command the thunder and lightning as a "Thunderbird".

R'Nak: Earth Elemental; R'Nak is one of the last of his people left above ground, the others having retreated to sleep in the womb of Mother Earth. R'Nak guards one of the caves that lead to the Temple, and agrees to help the Rings Bearers get there safely.