Unable To Stop The Bloom of Roses
By: ShinigamiForever

Spring approaches with arms of shell-colored flowers.
like an insane ballet dancer
she twirls skirts of grass green
sending an invisible coying perfume of apple and honeysuckle
through the vividly bland air.
Mad babbling issues forth from her coral pink lips
Her cloud pale skin adorned with a necklace of rain.

As if disgusted,
Winter pulls back his delicate snow fingers
to avoid the tread of Spring's reckless steps
Summer watches her sister spin uncontrollably
and shakes her heated gold head
While Fall whisks away with a network of color running through his veins.

Spring, the lunatic she is,
draws desings with her fingernail across the hills
From the cuts emerges the lush blood of nature
all flowers and grass
She paints the sky a light blue and uses crayons to dot color into the trees.

Like a frenzied child,
Spring comes,
strewn with blazing pastels and daisy lace.
While silent Winter
watches his paintings wash mutely into nothing.