Yello all!! Here's my baby!! My little story that's grown up into a big one!! Eeps!! I don't even know where it's going for Roan's sake!! *lol* To get that one, you gotta read the story. This is the section that I'll update with info 'bout the Wekk and people in it and answers to any and all questions you might have. I'm gonna be trying to get at least one chap up a week. Come on! Gimme a little slack! They're big chaps! If you got any suggestions, mail me with them. I'll reply and if I use one, I'll give you credit. One last thing!! Wulf's mine!! *hugs Wulf tightly* Mine, mine, mine!!!

*Jeril and the ripplies…



The Wekk is located on a very strange world named Ioma, where each day the geography changes. It's like one of the sliding, jigsaw puzzles with the spacer. Imagine each section as maybe a square of jungle or desert and the empty space as the Wekk. Now, at midnight, everything shifts around. Sometimes things are only one or two squares away from where they started but more likely five or six.

Days in the Wekk are 48 hours long. Weeks are 7 days. Months are 4 weeks. Years are 6 months. The Months are Rajh, Konn, Garp, Xaw, Hioc, and Madr.

Animals: The "horses" are not a lot like the Earth animals they are named after. They are short furred, have manes, are longed and four-legged, but that's just about where the resemblance ends. They have a head that is mostly feline but with flat, grazer teeth. They have a hoof with two toes behind it and their tails are like lions' but about a foot long. Their coats come in a variety of colors but mostly earthen and forester shades. The Wekk's population of horses is looked over by the Mistress Horsewoman, Oan, who loves the creatures almost as much as she loves life.

Dreadwulves: a word that could chill the blood and strike fear into any heart. Dreadwulf, who decided that dragons, wyverns, gargoyles and demons weren't enough for Ioma, created the wulves. He took two Earth wolves and spelled them. He then mated them, and the pups they produced were the first of the dreadwulves. Dreadwulves are colored much like the horses but in darker colors. They are much different from the Earth wolves they were derived from though. On average, they stand three feet at the shoulder. They need fresh meat and blood to survive and their salvia changed consistency and is fifty percent blood, nicknamed blool. Precisely 75 days after mating, pregnant dreadwulves give birth to either two or three pups. The milk that mothers feed their pups is seventy percent blood. A dreadpup cannot survive on just milk or blood. They need the precise amount of both that only their mothers can produce. The wulves also have the very un-wolf-like ability to unhinge their jaw, thus allowing themselves to eat a great amount of prey. They use this ability for the winter, when they hibernate in turns always leaving two wulves to stand guard. Dreadwulves are smart, very smart. They can speak but rarely do so as it scares humans. I mean, how would you like it if a wulf just walked up to you and told you it was going to eat you? Wulf likes to name them using Japanese words that he feels suits the pup.

Reenalcs are two-foot tall squirrel-like creatures and their fur comes in a variety of colors. They are about as intelligent as a dog, maybe a little more and they have the tendency to drool when petted. A god created them but was disgusted by their behavior. So he "donated" them all to the Wekk. The residents realized a little to late that the creatures were only good for serving, cleaning and meat. Of course, no one wanted to kill them so they were kept as servants and all they get paid with is a pat on the head.

Phrases used by residents: Yekko = Hello. Kanassu = Good-bye, friend. Jaunii = until next time. Jujei = dear, foolish, wandering siblings.



Yes! I know! Real wolves would prolly have killed and eaten someone for growling at them. But Wulf's special! *strokes Wulf's hair* Special I tell you!

I know, I know. The gods are a motley bunch of creeps. Josh is the god of the Wekk but since he's off his rocker, the residents usually have to do stuff the mortal way. *rolls her eyes* Mawk is a demi-god. He's a very weak god but he could still whip any mage… except Karli. Shhhhh! I didn't say that! *smacks herself* Dumb person! The Pretender. Now there's a freak. He's a very strong mage who set himself up as a god. He enjoys torturing the residents and they all wait for the day Kargu's Desert comes in contact with the Jungle so Kargu can kill him.