And then one day I fell in love
I looked up to two silver doves
Flying high in the sky above,
And I said to myself:
"With a flick of the wrist and the flash of a smile
He could have any girl—at least for a while,
He's got the charm and he's got the style,
Why would he want me?"
My dear friend, she just laughed,
Gone from her voice the ice-cold iron shaft,
She patted my back and with certain craft,
My friend, she said, "Why not?"

Author's Notes: I wrote this a loooooooooong time ago and I just found it. ^_^ I'm surprised, but glad that it's anywhere near the levels of my later works (you wouldn't believe how much my style has changed in the past year or two). It's about a friend of mine (Dedra, if you couldn't guess already), who was a great support to me in recent years (before I moved), even if she never knew it. She can't read this on since she doesn't have an Internet connection, but I'd appreciate any comments from anyone who can just as well. =) Thanks for reading! ~MJ