Missing You

Missing you is nothing at all
Each time I come to grips
With the pain of having those three words
Just dancing on my lips,
Awaiting the moment when they can fly
Away from me like birds,
So quickly as to leave me with you,
Fumbling for words.
But never will I let them free,
My back they will not stab;
I would rather live with the pain
Of needing something I cannot have.

Author's Notes: I couldn't sleep one night because the idea for this poem was in my head. I wrote it down and fell asleep like a baby, in case you were wondering or care one way or the other. Um, but anyway, you might not know it since most people, I guess, haven't been faced with both these situations in their lives (don't quote me on that), but try to imagine this: the difference between (a) sitting just next to someone you uh...really really like let's say, while knowing you could never tell the person what you feel for various reasons (do I smell unrequited love here?), and (b) moving away, never to see this someone again. There is serious pain involved in both situations, and it's not that different. Being three hundred miles away or three inches away and afraid--it still hurts. And that's where this poem comes from. It's not entirely clear, and the tense switches awkwardly, but it was the best way to put it that I could find. ^_^ Thanks for reading my rambling so far (*laughs* and I'm sorry for its being so long) and the poem which seems insignificant sometimes in comparison to the A/N! In shorter terms, thanks for taking the time! ~MJ