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4 Streets of Fear

The streets of New Brinden were crowded, dirty, and littered with all sorts of trash. Trash that blew from the garbage cans, and trash that roamed the alleys in search of its next meal. But when night fell, the gangs dominated the stone-and-steel landscape. People lived in fear of the numerous groups that took control of the city and held the citizens in a constant state of paranoia. So many colors, territories, and codes to remember, that almost no one got caught up in anything having to do with the gangs. A person could be shot simply for wearing the wrong colors in the wrong area of town. But there were four primary groups that controlled New Brinden.

On the North Side were the rich kids who had nothing better to do than waste their parents’ money on guns, drugs, and fast cars. Their colors were white and blue, and the eagle served as their mascot: A symbol of their upbringing and supposed superiority to everyone else. They called themselves the High Flyers, and their main rivals lived on the South Side. Sporting colors of red, white, and black, the Aces were urban teens who had grown sick and tired of being kicked around by the High Flyers. Their symbol was the ace of spades, and their specialty was winning at all kinds of gambling games.

The East and West Sides were a little more hostile towards each other, and you either died early or learned fast down there. The East Side was held by the Sewer Rats, a gang that lived underneath the city. It was said they had a whole information network set up beneath the streets, and weren’t above trading favors or drugs for info. Their symbol was of course, the rat, and their colors were brown and green. That made it easier for them to camouflage themselves when fighting their rivals. The Alley Cats roamed above ground on the West Side, and knew every inch of the streets and back alleys. They were the ones who struck quickly and retreated just as fast back into the shadows. Black and gold were their colors, and a cat’s claw was their symbol. These gangs usually kept to their own, but now a rash of strikes by the High Flyers and Sewer Rats has forced the Aces and Alley Cats to make an alliance to rid the city of the threat. The streets that once were their home have to turned to streets of fear…

Chapter 1

Amber looked up from her book as Peter and Maya walked in the door of the run-down warehouse that served as the Alleys Cats’ home. “Do you have a report?â€