A Greater Passion

A Greater Passion

Susie Smythe was a girl of age twelve who lived in the sunny Tampa Bay, Florida. She had curly brown hair which fell to her shoulders, and blue eyes that always seemed to match the colour of the sky. Her best friend, Megan, had almost golden – brown hair that ended upon her back and deep brown eyes. Megan like almost any music, but favoured Broadway musicals. Susie, on the other hand, loved, lived and breathed Broadway, theatre, and anything having to do with either one of them. Her personal favourites were Phantom of the Opera (You say Act 1 Scene 5, she answers: who's in the scene, history of that character, original Broadway actor[s]/actress[es], who currently plays them, and then she proceeds to recite/sing the whole scene), CATS (she could sing and dance the whole thing perfectly, and tell you virtually anything) and Cabaret (you, by accident, say something that remotely reminds her of a scene, and she will sing/recite the whole thing from that point on). The girls were inseparable, and could literally read each other's minds. But, Susie had violent mood swings some of the time. 65% of the time, she was laughing, smiling and carrying on with her friends. The other 35% was not a happy 35%. Susie was depressed and cried about her life, which she thought to be horrible. They only way she believed she could escape from this was to listen to her beloved Broadway musicals. She would listen to them over and over – and a few times with listened for days on and, and didn't bother to eat nor sleep. When school started, her condition did not get any worse, but it didn't get any better, none the less, she was a good student. When summer came, Susie was 13 and she was always to be found in her room, blasting some musical, but it was the only thing that made her truly happy. Hours turned into days in which she locked her door and declined phone calls. The only time she opened her door was to let her at, Gracie, in. Susie also loved to sing to her cat in her soprano voice, and the strange thing… Gracie seemed to sit and listen. One day, Susie Symthe made the biggest decision that would change her life. She gathered up her tape player, a boom box, and mournfully dragged them up to her room, along with the stereo that was already there. On the stereo, she placed the Phantom disc, the Cabaret tape in the tape player and the CATS CD in the boom box. She knew these songs like no one ever did. She put her favourite Phantom song on first because it was the longest. When it got to a certain point, she rushed over to put her CATS CD on. The two musicals clashed, but Susie didn't care. When the two clashing songs progressed to another point, she turned on her favourite Cabaret song. She walked over to a drawer and pulled out three folded pieces of paper as the songs battled with each other to be the loudest. She also ran over to a little set of drawers next to her bed.

"Help me make the music of the night…"

"And there's nothing at all to be done about that!"

"Beedle dee dee deedle dee dee dee!"

The songs drew to a close, and they ended at the same time, as Susie planned. And for Susie, the thing she did was the hardest things she ever did. On those last beats of the three songs of the three musicals she treasured most, she drove a butcher's knife through her heart to show that she really did have a greater passion than life – music.

Dear Megan,

I'm going to miss you when I get to the Heaviside Layer, but it was for the best. I couldn't live with the joy of these musicals anymore, so I had to end my joyful suffering. I'll always watch over you and your family. Hope you can go on without me, and I'll really miss you.

Luv, Susie

Dear Gracie,

I know you can't read this because you are a cat, but you are not just a cat. You are the smartest cat I ever knew in my pathetically short life span. I hope you live a full and healthy life, the life that I could not maintain.

Luv, Susie

Dear Mom and Dad,

This whole incident may come as a shock, but in my joy of music, I was suffering. I loved these musicals too much, and I couldn't bear the love anymore. I wish to be cremated, and have my ashes spread somewhere in the theatre, or under the theatre of Phantom of the Opera, Cats, and Cabaret so that I may live with them forever.

Luv, Susie

Author's Note: This story is a twisted reality of my life. I actually have thought of doing that, but I remembered all the times I've shared with all my friends. Jessi (Megan in this story), Andrew, Cat, Arwen, Ellen, Megan, Willa, Joanna, Ricky, Cara, Rania, Ksusha, Ashley, Lisa, L, Mell, Julia, Aimee, Beau, Olivia, Attilia, Tana-Marie, and the cast members of all three plays, all of which I have seen. Thank you. Also, I have long blonde hair, and blue eyes, and Jessi has short brown hair and brown eyes. Thank you all for making me realize that my life is important. And so is music.