Love and hate mingle in the crowd,
Barely reaching the disaster
That calls itself my life,
My hoarding monstrosity
Of terrors and god awful things
That tear the air from my lungs
And burry my hands in tar.

The murky waters of desire
Cloud the judgment of fate,
Killing sanity with poison
While reality falls under the knife.
Blinding screams of serenity
Bubble beneath the strain
Of unbridled sadness.

Murder now seems relevant
In a world grasped by sincerity -
The last idle mound of disdain
Grovels at the feel of horror -
My horror - my terrible fate,
In all the boundless catastrophes
That befall my headless soul.

In the end, all that remains,
Beyond the crowd of faces -
Talking blindly through muzzles,
Grinning with monstrous glee -
Beyond the lake of despair,
A great expanse of nothing
Erupts with envious destruction.

The maelstrom waits in the shadow
To covet my soul into madness,
And boil the remnants in acidic blood,
Harvested from the rotting mucus
That lines the inner wall of my cell -
My prison of ungrateful damnation,
Scrounging for a shred of happiness.