The Letter

I stand home this day
My future looking bright
The bills i did pay
'though my pocket's feeling light

I walk out to the curb
And fetch the new found mail
Walking in my PJ's
I do feel quite absurd

Sorting through the mail
At the breaking of dawns first light
My heart does almost fail
I hold it in my hand
Trembeling in fright

"Your government needs you,
My good Mr. Fey.
your service now is due.
Arive by monday we do say,
At the army training camp."

"Oh good dear lord!" I do cry out
My face so filled with fear
"to kill another man.." I now do pout
"The soul it will soon seer!"

One mans life,
Not above another
Better than to flee.
I do admit,
whats years of jail,
compared to Eternity?