I look around me, and it's dark

I can see a room, but the colors are

faded, washed out

—but faded towards darkness, instead of light.

The darkness fills the room like stifling black wool,

like the veil of infinite space, crushed to

nothingness by lack of light.

It stretches on forever,

in that little room

and yet, it surrounds me so close

like tall bushes in some twisted maze

with prickly leaves brushing me, fingering me,

scraping and scratching my skin

and stealing my breath

and I cannot move and everything is so close so overwhelmingly infinitely--


my mind screams in terror

I calm it with clammy hands

I can see around me a little, because

the darkness has lifted a little,

and dark shapes flit, far away I think,

on enourmous wings

sending blood-curdling screeches

out into the night

I shiver with fear, and it

bubbles up inside me once again

the darkness thickens

but I push it down


and search for an escape to this madness

a doorway?

no, a waking-up

I must wake up!!

I must escape this dream, before something

happens so….

that I cant…

I gotta wake up

I struggle around me in the darkness

and a few times I gain the waking world, merely

to be plunged back down into the dream

almost as if I were


My mermory is hazy here

things that happened moments ago seem

another life

but the feelings remain, my only

constant in this


I recall a wind, a high

wind, blowing my hair out behind me into the darkness

a wind likening to machin chin

and yet it was dead

the air, it did not brush my skin or cool me

nor did it bring heat

in fact, no temperature at all

it was like, an idea of the darkness, not yet

brought into reality, merely

a dark thing, a

black-blooded fetus

nurtured carefully

by its mothers womb

a womb. I feel

trapped once more


The wind blows my hair, my face, and I struggle in it

I realize I am moving, and there are dark

things, shapes

behind me, chasing

me and I clutch the bar with all my might, because

I know if they touch me all

will be lost

I struggle, to no

avail. This darkness, cold, hot, bloody wet stifling sharp

with fangs but evil, I can feel the evil in it

like spiderwebs holding the whole thing together

like the passion of two hateful people in the dark

and it brushes my skin, and I am a

rabbit, in its clutches, because

I cannot fight, but

cannont resist, and its

a dark cage but a


Monseieur, will you not

let me leave?

His hands grip me tight, and I know the

ultimate feeling of helplessnes

and terror suffuses me so I cannot

cannot breathe!

and everything is so

alien, strange, wandering realityness


tell, me, please!


how do I get out?