I wrote this for a creative writing class. Be warned, it's dark.
Mika Bartroff
Until Forever Ends
A silver wind stung the sky as a woman set down her burden. A burden she could carry no more. As she opened the silky-smooth external coverings, the box inside fell open, exposing most of its contents. Inside lay her memories - memories she had come to dispose of.
At a nearby tree, the woman began to dig between two roots, creating a shallow depression. Into the depression she placed the box, looking separately at each of its contents before closing it for good. First, she held the small silver pendant with a sapphire stone embedded in it, and a memory of a dark young man who had rarely smiled before smiling as he placed it around her neck. This she coiled into a ball and placed gently in the box. Next, she picked up a ring of knotted silver, gold and platinum strands over a gold band, engraved with the words, "until forever ends." She rubbed her fingers around the inside, and a tear slipped from her eye as she placed it next to the pendant.
The final object she carefully lifted from the place where it rested. An object wrapped in a brown cloth. The woman began to unwrap it, tears now flowing freely down her cheeks. She laid the cloth aside and looked at the tool in her hand. The weapon she had killed him with when she learned of his inconstant ways. On the day she had had found him in their bed with another woman. Fresh blood still coated the blade where she had stabbed him, and her hands shook at the sight.
She wrapped the cloth around the blade once more and quickly placed the bundle into the box. She tied the silken wrap back around the box, and then buried the package with earth. She stood and looked out at the sea one final time, then ran to the edge of the cliff and threw herself off, never feeling the impact of the stones.