A/N: Hey all! Well, I've never let anyone read my stories, except for the one-pagers when I was like six, but those don't count. Anyway, I'm totally making this up as I go, as is my style, and have no idea where I'm going with it, but hopefully it turns out ok. Please, PLEASE r/r, I desperately need feedback! But please be gentle-I'm fragile:)
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Ride with Me

I stretched lazily, rolling onto my side and sighing contentedly, then, closing my eyes and smiling peacefully, I began to fall back asleep. Abruptly, my eyes flew open as my peaceful morning was shattered suddenly by a sickening realization, 'Wait a second' I thought to myself in horror, 'Sunday was yesterday, which mean's today is...'

"Monday!" I gasped, flinging off my covers frantically.

Running up to the clock, still completely disoriented, I squinted at the digital numbers in panic.

"8:30!" I screamed. I was already a half hour late for school!

Hurrying around, recklessly grabbing various things I needed to get ready, I kept muttering repeatedly, "Oh shit, Oh shit, Oh shit," as if that actually helped at all.

Throwing my clothes on and brushing my teeth and hair, I flew out the door, and climbed clumsily into my car, managing to bang my head on the frame in the process.

"Ah, shit!" I gasped in pain and annoyance.

I threw my stuff on the passenger seat, closed my door and started my car...or at least I tried to. The only sound the car made was a tiny, disheartening, click when I turned the key.

"Come fucking on!" I screeched, not usually so vulgar, but on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Sighing heavily in defeat, I threw myself violently against my seat and closed my eyes in frustration, trying to decide what to do next.

Hearing a car come around the corner, I ignored it and continued to brainstorm possible solutions. I heard the car pause as it came up next to me and I somehow instinctively knew who it was.

"Car trouble?" a familiar voice said cockily.

"Wow," I said, ridiculously deadpan, and opening my eyes, looked over and said to the owner of the voice, "Did you need something, Carson?"