A poem I whipped up from a dream I had It has no title.

We were together,

He loved me,

I went to the dance and I saw her with him,

What were they doing,

Were they kissing?,

No it couldn't be,

I see them holding hands,

Im green with envy rage,

But I know it's nothing It couldn't be,

He loves me and he wouldn't betray me,

I was walking down the street approached his house,

Who is that?

Her?.. No... WAIT,

It's her they are kissing,

I stop the rhythm of my feet silent,

Tears come into my eyes,

I turn and run and he whispers no as he looks up and sees me running,

No Oh no it wasn't supposed to happen this way,

I hear the phone ring,

I know who it is,

Tears are running down my cheeks,

Oh god the pain,

He hurt me so