Chapter 2: Character Creation

"To be or not to be, that is the question!"

-Mark's PoV-

I did get back to sleep after I tuned out the sting in my wrist. And had the weirdest dream. It was of this boy he looked to be about five but he couldn't be he seamed older. His hair is long it flows to his ankles and is an ere shade of white almost gray. He silver eyes can pierce the soul he looks the site of innocence but underneath there is an unbridled fury of hatred and anger. I can tell that he is a thief and quick whited but no stranger when it comes to the blade so he is a fighter as well. The most surprising of all is his desire to learn that makes him a mage. Though he knows no spells the weave has blessed him with the ability to cast. A secret he hides because the Drow males are not aloud to train in three areas of expertise.

He looked over to me and gave me a weak smile. "Name me please." It whispered from him barely loud enough for me to hear.

It came to me in a flash of inspiration and I just stuck with it. "N'tol R'ath" which in the Drow tong means Vicious Whisper. I don't know how I knew the Drow tong I just did as if I had known all my life. He seamed to like it because his smile got bigger and he let out a small giggle. It was then that I saw what he was dressed in. Gray breeches and tunic with black leather belt. Soft boots that a thief might wear to help him with moving silently. I could tell that he was wearing something alts under the breeches it seamed like hose.

"We will go far together!" he smiled at me again and I was starting to fall in love with little N'tol. I quickly remembered it was only a dream and frowned. "What saddens my Mark? You need only tell little whisper and I shell set it strait!"

"You are but a dream, If only you where real…" my words trailed off. He tilted his head and laughed at me.

"Oh my Mark I am no dream! I am your Avatar for the grate game to come! Together Mark we will be GREAT!"

"You mean this is not a dream?" my voce was panicked and I think he could tale.

"You don't want me?" he asked starting to back away from me. "I be good if Mark keeps me" he pleaded

"No No it's not that! Its just I thought that Eric was pulling my leg." He did not look to convinced but he stopped backing away. "I thought my Avatar would be older…" I slip into my strategic mode. Not that I minded him but it would help him fight if he was older and from what I did catch earlier is if my Avatar died so did I, and that is something I do not want to happen!

"I am the same age as you!" he sounded outraged. At this point in time I saw his sharp pointed ears. 'Right Drow' I reminded myself.

"Forgot you age slower then me." I offered him a small smile.

"I will fight good for you Mark, I will be the best at anything you want me to be! Just keep me!" He looked a little upset at the possibility that I would not or could not want him.

"Don't worry Whisper I would never get rid of you" I tale him with a smile. "But I think we should keep the fact you're a try-class a secret." I wink at him and he smiles at me.


(Calidan) "I get Crusher."

(Fallen) "I get Karin"

(Vlad) "I get William"

(Julian) "Like hell Vlad, William is mine! I will NOT get stuck with that loser N'tol!"

(Vlad) "I called William first Julian so he is mine!"

(Julian) "You don't always get your way Vlad, William is mine and your stuck with N'tol"

(Vlad) "Fine Julian, I will make you remember that when N'tol kills William in the arms tournament!"


Mark spent all night in his dream getting to know all about Whisper. The two where one in a way. When the game was active Mark is whisper when the game is dormant, not very often, Whisper is mark. For this reason their personalities merged a little. Making them both a little like the other one. Mark became a little darker and underhanded. Why Whisper became a little more compassionate and gained something of morals.

"You are right Whisper together we will be great!"

"Yes Mark together!"

The rest of the night was spend in a dreamless sleep for now the game has to get ready for the players.


See you next chapter for "Settling into the Game" By Forloyn Winter the Viper