A Correspondence with New York
By: ShinigamiForever

A/N: I thought this would be interesting to do, a collection of poems on New York. They're ongoing though, which is why I'm making this into a multipart instead of just a collection.

Good luck!


I. the first letter, or on her opinion

She told me
that she hated New York
because it was beautiful
Yeah, I had said, I know what you mean.
But I love New York
for its beauty.
Man looks for open skies to crowd.
The skyscrapers in my dreams
take root in New York.
I can never seem to get enough
of murky streets and blown litter dust.
I'm addicted
that slice, segmented city/state/world/
I always wanted to put New York
in a glass globe and keep it.
Maybe it wishes to do the same with me.