The Graph of His Face in Quadrant III
By: ShinigamiForever

A/N: Written during a math class, watching one of the boy geniuses listening to the lecture.


with your complex numerical fidelity and rerouted brain connection,
bits of information like cars racing through the gray tunnels in your mind.

adept to swim in turbulent radical waters,
shaking from some nondescript sum of genius,
hands pressed with chalk power in layers.

whose eyes watch the parabola of fluorescent light,
whose mouth utters a theorem of some Greek mathematician,
a cup of coffee long forgotten in your hand.

against the flow of life, and reality pressed like a burden on your back,
calculator touched so many times the keys are wore blank.

trying, like me, to escape, but dash
behind a screen of undeterminably vague numbers and equations,
eyes glued to the shifted trigonometric scribbles feeding through the blackboard.

nowhere now.
But maybe, next time-