I don't really mean to always write stories about Mimi. It's just that she's crazy and so it makes for good plots for stories.

It all started out so well. Cathy and Gretchen and I were discussing the trivia night we had just been to. We were upset about the 50/50 raffle. If you're going to have a 50/50, you should really tell people because dammit we wanted to enter! I had my back to the door.

All of a sudden there was this loud noise in my ear. "AING!" Mimi had snuck up behind me and shouted in my ear. My traitorous students hadn't warned me. After jumping a good six inches into the air I said "Shit!" and turned to glare at Mimi.

She just grinned. "Nar." She enjoyed scaring people like that. The problem is that once she does it she won't do it again for a while so I can't yell at her. Not like when she's making noises and she does it EVERY FIVE SECONDS.

But today I wasn't going to bother trying to yell at her. I wasn't willing to take any more crap from Mimi right then. I had found my coupons and I knew where they were. Even though I knew she had class in about 20 minutes I wanted Mimi to go away. She'd pushed me too far this time. "Here," I said, shoving the coupon at her. "Go away." The coupon says that Mimi will leave my classroom when I ask her to, without arguing.

"But Miss Lester!"

"I don't care, it says you have to leave so bye!"

Mimi started pouting. "I'm doing the pouty lip..."

"We've established that I don't care about the pouty lip. Go away." Finally she left. Ah, peace and quiet. Such a rarity in my classroom.

"You realize you only had one of those." I think Cathy never thought I'd actually use the thing. Perhaps she was afraid I'd use hers.

"Yeah, well, whatever." I could have saved it, but what for? I had to use my coupons sometime. Although they don't have expiration dates... Anyways, too late now.

We had peace for all of five minutes. Then she came back.

"Mimi, didn't Miss Lester tell you to leave?"

"It doesn't say how long I have to stay away for. It says I have to leave and I left." Mimi was very proud of herself.

"Give me that." I took the coupon from her. Damn, it didn't say she had to stay out of my room, just that she had to leave. A very serious oversight. "Cathy, next time we're putting that on these things." Cathy and Gretchen were snickering. Really, I couldn't believe Mimi actually would come back into the room. At least now I didn't feel so bad about wasting the coupon, since it wouldn't have mattered anyway. I heaved a big sigh. But surprisingly she behaved for a while. Now if I could just trick her into WANTING to be quiet...