With All My Heart

With All My Heart
by Fujita Toji

With all my heart,
I hold you in my heart,
With a bond that can
Never be broken.

When you left for vacation,
I held you in my heart,
Patiently waiting for your return,
But when you came back,
You spoke of breaking up
Because of the little time
You said we'd have with each other.

With those few words,
I died internally,
Like a body whose soul escaped
through his eyes,
searching for his heart.

In response, I replied:
I will wait for you, my love,
For eternity if necessary.

You responded to me
The words that told me
How I misunderstood you.

You didn't want to break up;
You just didn't want me waiting.
You wanted nothing more
Than my happiness.

My soul then returned to me,
Having found the location
Of my heart.
It was still with you
In your arms.
I never really did lose it.

So it comes to this:
No matter what,
With all my heart,
I will love you eternally.